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Rara9 is a revolutionary new range from England's Alchemy studios, a collection of highly exclusive decorative pieces, crafted for discerning connoisseurs of stylish eccentricity. Cast in precious metal, each inimitable piece is strictly limited to nine numbered pieces, with certificates of authenticity to confirm their status, each crafted with subtly different detail to make every one a unique objet d'art.

These are eye-catching artefacts designed to dominate a setting, powerful yet elegant showpieces that evoke an atmosphere of dark sophistication and decadent gravity. Current examples of the collection include a candelabrum and a revenant, double candlestick, with plans for a spectacular chalice being added in the near future, all crafted to the highest specifications in sterling silver.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the studio, as these items are by their very nature in strictly limited supply. Customers with specific requirements can also be catered to, as Alchemy's designers relish an inspirational challenge - ready, willing, and able to harness their skills and experience to your imagination.

The inspiration for rara9 came to Alchemy co-founder Geoff Kayson while considering the freshly-cast Light of Quietus, the candelabrum which represents the flagship of Alchemy's 30th anniversary collection. An impressive, expertly-crafted piece that serves as a worthy standard for three decades of innovative design, it seemed to warrant something more than simply pewter. Pewter had long been Alchemy's favoured medium for many excellent reasons. It is a versatile material, with a venerable heritage in English craftsmanship, and brings the studios designs within the grasp of its countless devotees. But there is still space for those who crave something a little more exclusive, and a piece like the Light of Quietus invited a prestige incarnation that would do justice to its quality of design. So Geoff initiated a sterling silver version, ultimately representing the first piece in the new rara9 collection. The Reaper that formed its core - an unmistakable archetype of death - ironically here represents the birth of a new chapter in Alchemy's illustrious history.

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