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Alchemy Opus Magnus is the apex of the studio's achievements in design, a culmination of ambition realised in precious metal. Opus Magnus is derived from the Latin for 'the Great Work', a concept pivotal to the alchemists of centuries past. To them, the Great Work was the transformation of base metals into gold through a purification process that was as much spiritual as chemical. In the case of the Alchemy Opus Magnus, it is about reaching new levels of purity of design and perfection of execution, with as much to do with art as artisanship. In some cases, this is about focussing upon a highlight piece from the Alchemy 1977 collection, and then redesigning it for recasting in a high prestige medium befitting its quality of design. In many others, the Great Work of the Alchemy Opus Magnus manifests in wholly new forms and media, unleashing creativity unfettered by convention.

Alchemy Opus Magnus is divided into three brands, each representing different aspects of this new exclusive ethos.

The Elegy Brand Furnishing Company is the banner beneath which the studio's creations in wood can be found - hand-crafted, bespoke furniture, embodying Alchemy's originality of vision and excellence of design. Sanctus 47 is the new range of silver, cast in silver and other precious metals, some based on familiar favourites from the Alchemy 1977 range, though most are wholly new flights of bizarre and exquisite fantasy in silver. The rara9 collection features the more substantial pieces of decorative design re-imagined in precious metals, candelabras and goblets rendered exclusive both by their lavish execution in opulent materials, and the studio's implacable policy of limiting every design to only nine, numbered pieces. This page is your gateway for exploring these three aspects of the Alchemy Opus Magnus.

Sanctus 47 : Sanctus 47 is a collection of sublime and bizarre jewellery from England's Alchemy studios, exclusive limited edition pieces that bring dreams and nightmares to vivid life in sterling silver. [Sanctus 47 website]




Rara9 : Rara9 is a revolutionary new range from England's Alchemy studios, a collection of highly exclusive decorative pieces, crafted for discerning connoisseurs of stylish eccentricity. Cast in precious metal, each inimitable piece is strictly limited to nine numbered pieces, with certificates of authenticity to confirm their status, each crafted with subtly different detail to make every one a unique objet d'art.
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Elegy Brand :The Elegy Brand Furnishing Company is the banner beneath which the studio’s creations in wood can be found – hand-crafted, bespoke furniture, embodying Alchemy’s originality of vision and excellence of design'.
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